Road Journal #2 - Studio, Merch, & Photos!

G-Nome Project-19

Promo Photos with Yehoshua Sigala

Another crazy week in the world of G-Nome Project! We were so happy to get back the photos from our promo shoot with Sigala Photography! We shot these in Jerusalem last month and had a great time walking around town on such a busy day. Did I mention that these were shot on film? Check out some of our favorites:

G-Nome Project-25
G-Nome Project-2
G-Nome Project-14
G-Nome Project-21

Studio Rehearsals

This past Tuesday we got together to go over some more tunes we want to lay down in the studio next week. We're really excited to get in there and record these two tracks as they have been with us since the very beginning - Igladium and Klawstein.

Stay tuned for footage from the session!

Indiegogo Perks & Tour Merch

And lastly, Eyal and I have been corresponding heavily with our defacto art director, Jake Burke, who we are extremely thrilled to be working with again! In case you didn't know, he's the guy who came up with this gem of a graphic:


Hence our excitement to be working with him on the poster and t-shirt graphics for the tour merch (which will also be sent out as perks for our amazing Indiegogo backers)!

Next week will be full of even more awesome activity getting ready for The Giving Tour! Again, we're so grateful for everyone who helped make this tour a reality and have been working day and night to make this thing the best it can be.

Check back soon for more updates!