Road Journal #1 - Update on All The Things!

G-Nome Project
G-Nome Project

Busy with All The Things!

We've been crazy busy over the past few weeks since you all helped us successfully complete our Indiegogo campaign to take G-Nome Project on the road (cue: pat on the back)! We haven't had much time to post or keep everyone updated on our day to day efforts to make this tour happen. So we're revamping this road journal as a way to "keep in touch" and let you all know what we're up to. The past few weeks, we've been writing new music, tracking some of our tunes in the studio (can't wait for y'all to hear this stuff!), organizing all tour logistics, and getting all the perks and merch ready to hit the road! Here's some proof of our studio escapades (big up to Sach Hakol studios in Jerusalem):

Tour Rescheduling

As most of you have heard, we postponed the tour due to personal issues with some of the guys. Since then, we've announced our first round of revised tour dates and look forward to filling in some of the TBA's soon. The new schedule features shows from 8/30 through 9/21. We're kicking off in NYC on Ludlow St. and finishing off strong at Great North Fest up in Maine! Speaking of Great North, we're excited to share the stage at such an awesome, intimate festival with many artists who we truly admire and couldn't think of a more perfect way to wrap up our first international tour.

Promo Photo Shoot

We also had the pleasure of adventuring on a promo photo shoot with Shua Sigala, a renowned Israeli photographer, in and around the town center in Jerusalem. Pics will be posted here as soon as they're developed and scanned in (that's right, we did the shoot on film).

More Updates To Come

So, to keep everyone updated on all things G-Nome and Giving Tour related, we'll be posting here more often, keeping a road journal of sorts. Check back often for more news, photos, and videos as we prepare everything to hit the road in late August! See you on tour! -Yakir