G-Nome Project U.S. Tour in the Works!

Hey All, Over the past year, we've been truly humbled and super psyched to see so many people react positively to the music we've put out through G-Nome Project. Whether responding to a new archive.org recording or giving us some love on the PT boards, your ongoing support, excitement, and encouraging messages keep us going, making and playing the music we love, even while holding down exhausting day jobs and caring for our families.

Every week, we convene as a team in Jerusalem to work on G-Nome, pushing the envelope further to get more music out for you and for us. G-Nome Project is our hearts and souls on a platter; there are no words for how much we appreciate your support.

So, we've decided that it's time to come meet you!

We have made the decision to fly to the U.S. for 2-3 weeks in summer 2014, come hell or high water. We're going to do this. We're going to make this happen.

As of  now, we plan to land in New York on August 24th, 2014 and take it from there! Venturing to other states is on the agenda, but will depend heavily on logistics, support, and resources. If anyone wants to help us organize a show, just let us know and we'll work together to get it on the map in the short time we have to embark on this adventure.

There really aren't any more details right now, but we just wanted to share with you our excitement at the prospect of making this tour a reality. We'll be posting updates here on g-nomeproject.net in order to document and share our progress with you throughout the year. We very much look forward to sharing this adventure with you :)

Blessings always,

G-Nome Project

G-Nome Crew