A Cheesy Message of Thanks from G-Nome Project

Grilled Cheese Gratitude

After last Saturday night's show (12-21-2013), I feel compelled to tell you all how deeply touched me and the guys are. We are touched by your amazing, unending support of this music project, by the exponential growth and spirit of the G-Nome community, by the gestures of kindness we see shared at our shows, and we are certainly touched by the resilience of those sober concert-goers attending our ever-growing "Nomad" group meetings* at set break.

*Nomads (as they have deemed themselves) are the G-Nome Project community's sober fans - the equivalent of Phish's "Phellowship", the Disco Biscuits' "Digital Buddhas" and the Grateful Dead's "Wharf Rats."

We've had the pleasure of speaking with and meeting so many of you over the past few months, making friends with you all as you become friends with each other. A special shout out to the Honickman clan who came out in droves on the 21st. Pretty sure we topped the charts that night for highest percentage of Honickman per capita nationwide. As we move out to larger venues and the crowd gets bigger, we encourage everyone to keep the closeness real and keep on being excellent to each other.

That's Nice, But What About The G-Nome Project U.S. Tour?!

Eyal, Zechariah, Chemy, and I are truly giving this project all we've got at the moment and are committed to playing as many shows as we can this year, as we prepare for what will hopefully be a late summer '14 U.S. tour. Lately, we've been focusing more time and resources than ever to making this trip happen! But, it will certainly take a great deal of  elbow grease on our part and we may reach out to you for help along the way.

That being said, we're taking a short hiatus from live shows during the month of January '14 to focus on welcoming an additional Hyman family member into the world! Notwithstanding the sleepless nights ahead, we're still going to be working behind the scenes to map out shows for Feb - May '14 throughout Israel (that's right, we're breaking out of Jerusalem!).

Basically, Thank You!

In short, thank you for your part in making this such a wild and meaningful ride until now. Let's keep this good thing going and see where we can take it together!

Blessings on the outset of our next big trip around the Sun,


PS - Check out some of the footage from the show on 12/21/13: